Oil Explorer In 2020 First Half Well Drill Goal


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An oil explorer yesterday hailed its “rapid progress” towards drilling a first exploratory well in Bahamian waters during the 2020 first half regardless of whether it secures a joint venture partner.

The Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC), in a statement, said it had laid the foundation to meet its licence obligations by signing a series of financing and service provision contracts with a variety of oil industry players.

Revealing that these arrangements could slash the cost of spudding its first exploratory well by more than two-thirds, BPC added that they would also enable it to adjust its business model and proceed without a joint venture partner should the need arise.

While making clear that its preference is to secure such partner, known as a “farm-in”, to reduce its own risk and capital costs, and provide additional technical expertise, BPC said it was now positioned to drill its first well even if the multi-year search for an entity to share the burden proves fruitless.

Simon Potter, BPC’s chief executive, told the company’s shareholders yesterday: “Following our licences being extended to the end of 2020 by the Government of The Bahamas earlier this year, rapid progress has been made across our business.

“Today we are pleased to update shareholders on a series of co-ordinated steps that the company has taken toward drilling of an initial exploration well during 2020, consistent with our licence obligations.

“This includes a framework agreement for a rig, appointments for essential well services with leading global oil services companies, as well as considerable progress on financial arrangements to fund the drilling, whether that be via a farm-in on acceptable terms or by other means - whichever is in the best interests of the company.”

Mr Potter was not available for further comment, but one source familiar with developments said the series of agreements BPC had put in place gives it options as to which route it will take to reach the end goal of drilling a first exploratory well. “All doors are open,” they said. “This is potentially nation changing for The Bahamas.”

Several aspects of BPC’s arrangements will have to be approved by shareholders at the company’s upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) on September 17. Many Bahamians will likely be sceptical as to whether any oil exploration activities will take place, given the lengthy process BPC has been embarked, but it does appear that progress - however gradual - is being made.

“BPC has an obligation to drill an initial exploration well in 2020 and, in the view of the BPC Board, drilling as soon as practicable remains the best route to generating shareholder value,” BPC’s statement said.

“BPC continues to proactively pursue a farm-in as its primary financing strategy, and farm-in discussions are continuing with multiple parties, the license extension to the end of 2020 granted by the Government of The Bahamas earlier this year offering clarity to potential partners. However, the process is taking longer than anticipated, and has not yet produced a successful outcome.

“Accordingly, the company is now embarking on a course to drilling of an initial exploration well during the first half of 2020, in the event that a farm-in is not concluded by then. BPC has entered into a framework agreement with Seadrill, one of the world’s largest offshore drill rig companies, for the provision of a sixth-generation drilling rig.”

While not a ‘done deal’, BPC said the “framework agreement” specifies the daily rate for hiring the drilling rig and its delivery during the 2020 first half. The deal also allows the drilling to be extended to a “concurrent two-well programme” if sufficient funding is in place.

BPC’s licences with the Government require it to drill a first exploratory well by the end of 2020, so the timetable announced yesterday is slightly ahead of that. The first well will be located several hundred miles south-west of Andros, close to the maritime boundary with Cuba.

The oil explorer must sign a “definitive agreement” with Seadrill by October 11 this year to seal the deal, with the latter’s Board approval also required. “Having rigs already identified as per this Framework Agreement allows BPC, with Seadrill’s input and support, to begin necessary time-sensitive preparatory work, and to complete permitting processes ahead of drilling,” BPC added.

It has also named international oil services industry giant, Halliburton, as its integrated well services provider, with BakerHughes GE also hired to provide wellheads and other well-drilling equipment.

“The pricing parameters encapsulated in the rig Framework Agreement with Seadrill, and the notices of award for services from Halliburton and BakerHughes GE, have allowed the company to obtain greater certainty in estimating a total drilling cost,” BPC’s statement said.

“BPC now estimates the total cost of an initial exploration well to be in the range of $25 million to $30 million (and less than $50 million in aggregate should the company pursue a concurrent two-well exploration campaign). This is a material reduction from prior estimates (previously in the range of $60m to $80m for a single well).”

To provide financing should the joint venture partner search fail, BPC said it had entered into a conditional agreement with Bizzell Capital Partners, an Australian-based oil and gas exploration financier, to provide a £10.25m convertible loan that can be switched into equity shares..

That sum, which translates into $12.5m, is equivalent to half the cost of the $25m initial exploration well and will help underpin its drilling. “The Board is cognisant of the company’s firm obligation to drill an initial well in 2020, and given the protracted state of the farm-in process considers it imperative that viable alternative financing solutions be put in place,” BPC said.

“In addition to allowing drilling to commence even if a farm-in is not concluded in an acceptable timeframe or on acceptable terms, this will also allow long-lead items to be ordered and critical-path processes to commence, enable BPC to demonstrate financial capacity to potential farm-in partners, and assure the Government of the company’s ability to deliver upon its obligations.”

BPC’s statement made no mention of the Environmental Authorisation it requires from the Government before it can begin drilling. This deals with the environmental, health and safety issues raised by its oil drilling venture.


DDK 5 months ago

Between the mega cruise ships and oil drilling we should probably record the beauty of our sands and seas for posterity. There is no limit to the greed and short-sightedness of politicians and corporations......


Sickened 5 months ago

National Trust... what say you???


Godson 5 months ago





proudloudandfnm 5 months ago



proudloudandfnm 5 months ago

Oh please, ya'll stop freaking out. You know how many super tankers transit our waters every single day of every single year????

You know how many planes approach Freeport's runway directly over billions of tons of fuel oil every year????

The risk you all scream about is here and has been here for eons and will always be here. Get over it...

Stop freaking out! This is good news!


Porcupine 5 months ago

Yes, and nuclear weapons have been around a long time, so let's advocate keeping them. Rapes and murders have been around for a long time, let's not worry about those. Mathematics suggests that catastrophes will eventually happen, provided risks remain. The idea for thinking people is to reduce the risks for ourselves, our country and our planet. If any person, other than a stupid person, doesn't look at and evaluate the risks to our health, to our safety, to our livelihoods, it is more than abundantly clear that our species has a very, very limited time on this planet. The Bahamas is predicted to be in utter climate chaos in a matter of decades. If you are not up on the latest science, you have a mentality and perspective that is deadly to the rest of us. I'm sorry to be so blunt and seemingly rude. There is widespread agreement among those who study this for their livings that we have at most 10 years to radically change our ways of doing business and ways of living. If you went to 3 doctors and they all told you that you have stage 4 cancer, and you need to start a treatment program immediately, what would you do? If your went to these 3 doctors, for a second and third opinion, because you have tumors on your butt, open sores on your face and white fluid dripping from your private parts, but still didn't believe these three doctors, I would look at you the same way as those who advocate the continued use of, drilling for, continued dependence on fossil fuels. These scientists are making a direct connection between the death of our planet, the seas flowing over The Bahamas, and the human misery which will be increasing exponentially, to our use of fossil fuels. And yes, fossil fuels have been around for many years. Sorry, I have no flucking time for this type of thinking in 2019. None.


proudloudandfnm 5 months ago

Ah well you bout to have a really bad next few decades, Sorry bout that. Hopefully I'll be on the rig making $$$....


DDK 5 months ago

Are you selfish as well as nuts?


Bahama7 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Bring on the rig! Alot of people want the company to make a big discovery in the Bahamas. SAY "YES" TO OIL DRILLING.


Bahama7 5 months ago

Something positive for the country at long last.

Hopefully they will strike the black gold on the first drill.

It's there alright, oil was hit in the 70's and the old folks in Nassau still talk about it, some even worked on the rig.


laallee 5 months ago

Good news for the Bahamas. If commercially viable oil is found and the Sovereign Wealth Fund uses the proceeds correctly it could benefit the population for generations.


Porcupine 5 months ago

A sad commentary on the loss of a country, both figuratively and literally. Whether or not this outfit ever drills a well, it is a criminal mindset to vocally allow it. If we were truly and fully educated, we would not be advocating for the continued rape of our planet, of our own country,. Just like we would not celebrate the raping of a young girl at the hands of an authority figure. That there is not a forward thinking, responsible and moral line for what passes for social responsibility is not just a failure of an educational system, but also of our religious institutions and the failure of our family unit to bring forth caring, compassionate, and wise thinking for our collective future.. Just what decency we will not transcend for a few dollars, a few votes and the songs of our colonial masters?


proudloudandfnm 5 months ago

One of the most talked about and sought after alternatives is solar power. But you will not be doing solar without a battery system in your house. You think drilling for oil is nasty? Research lithium mining..


newcitizen 5 months ago

I wouldn't worry about it. If there was a sea of oil beneath us it would have been found by now and the politicians would have made their money. The fact that they are still looking now is a sign that there isn't anything there.


banker 5 months ago

LOL -- a pump and dump penny stock scheme. Making news for the sake of pumping up the stock by half a penny. How long have they been at it? Junior penny stock plays have been around since the turn of the last centuries. They don't ever intend to drill.


DDK 5 months ago

Trust you're right! Sounds quite plausible.


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