Bowling teams all set for the big lanes

OVER the next few weeks, bowling will be in the spotlight for the Bahamas with the island nation preparing for three teams to compete internationally.

The first team, according to federation public relations officer Clayton Gardiner, begins their ‘assault’ this coming weekend at the 2019 World Bowling Women’s Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The team of Cheryl Bevans, Camille Burnside, Tara Culmer and Shanta Kerr-Richardson will compete against 33 other countries in this most prestigious bowling event on the globe.

With the likes of bowling powerhouses USA, Canada, Singapore, Colombia and Venezuela, competition will be fierce.

“The bowlers have been practicing at Mario’s for the past few months,” Gardiner said. “The federation thanked Mario’s for allowing the national teams to practice free of charge. One of the team members believes that they are ready even though they know that they will not just be competing against the region, but the world.”

The team is coached and managed by Tyrone Knowles, the president of the Bahamas Bowling Federation.

Competition begins at noon on Saturday, August 24. The team will have up until then to convert the long hours of practice and shift to competition mode as they compete in singles, then doubles, trios and team competition.

“The team is led by experienced bowlers Burnside and Culmer. Bevans and Richardson are seeing their first taste of international bowling competition and this will be a ‘baptism by fire’ for them,” Gardiner said.

“When you mention the names Shannon O’ Keefe, Danielle McEwan, Missy Parkin (USA) and Clara Guerrero, Rocio Restrepo and Maria Rodriguez (Colombia), you are talking about the crème de la crème of women’s bowling. They are all professional bowlers on the Women’s Professional Bowler’s Tour. They are all scheduled to be in this event.”

Gardiner said any jitters the Bahamian team has must not be allowed to manifest itself because they have a ‘job to do.’ Coach Knowles knows that he has his work cut out for him. He must keep his team steady and focused.

“Physical fitness, endurance and staying focused will be tested in this competition,” he said. “This isn’t a regular league bowling where three games are bowled and no more bowling until next week. In these championships, participants bowl six games daily for four consecutive days. That’s 24 mandatory games.

“Then, depending on the performance of the team (individual and overall), they will be expected to bowl even more games if the team makes the playoffs.”

The championships culminate with the finals, medal ceremony and banquet on Friday, August 30.

The federation wishes their team well and knows that they will represent the 242 to the best of their ability. You can follow the competition at the link: www.2019wwc.worldbowling.org

“No sooner than they return, BBF will be sending a senior men and women’s team to compete in the 2019 Senior World Championship at the same venue in early September,” Gardiner said. “The federation will highlight the goals and expectations of those two senior teams in a future press release. All the best Team Bahamas.”


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