Yahweh House Celebrates Its Youth

It is the belief of the Yahweh House of Prayer (YHOP) that the children are our future. So to that end, they hosted their 22nd annual honours convocation last Sunday during which 26 of the best and brightest children of YHOP were recognised for their academic achievements. College students and pre-schoolers alike were given accolades, well wishes and best of all, cold hard cash.

Twenty-two years ago, Pastor Demetrius Thompson and his wife, Minister Ina Thompson, perceived that the young members of the YHOP were deserving of more rewards than they were receiving in the school system. They took it upon themselves to initiate the honours convocation ceremony to award outstanding youngsters.

Students achieving an accumulative GPA of 3.30 and higher were placed to the Pastor's List; those with a GPA of 3.00 and above for the Spring semester were also honoured. Prizes ranged from gift certificates, school supplies to trophies and monetary rewards.

Over the years, many changes were made to incorporate others into the ceremony, and such changes resulted in the various different groups of honorees:

  1. High school and college students with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 and above
  2. High school and college students achieving a 3.00 and higher during the preceding Spring semester
  3. Graduates at every level from kindergarten to university
  4. Students with outstanding BJC and BGCSE results

The YHOP celebrated their young members in grand style at the British Colonial Hilton in the Governor's Ballroom. Member of Parliament for the Nassau Village and Speaker of the House of Assembly D Halson Moultrie was a keynote speaker. He encouraged the young people to continue to walk in their purpose because they can make a difference in transforming our society. He further urged the honorees to evaluate the people in their lives and to choose their friends wisely; to be careful who they let into their life.

"Good people tend to make good things happen and everyone else will only be a distraction to your future. To the parents and guardians; they were charged not to neglect their responsibilities, but to continue to support and invest in our youth," he said.


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