Protect Resources

EDITOR, The Tribune

To all Bahamians, especially those who reside within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas:

Let us put our differences aside and give the Government our full support in what may be our last chance to put an end to the influx of illegal immigrants into our country.

Our religion teaches us to love our neighbour as ourselves and we do that. We have sent medical and personal supplies to Haiti after that devastating earthquake a few years ago.

We have taken in thousands of Haitians and they helped us to build this country. They in turn have sent money to help their families in Haiti and to build boats to smuggle illegals into the Bahamas. The illegals then move into the shanty towns, which are growing at a rapid pace of biblical proportions all over the Bahamas. These immigrants expect their children to receive citizenship to live in this country.

We have captured two boats with one hundred and fifty Haitians over the past couple of weeks and we do not know how many have landed undetected.

To stop and discourage immigrants from coming into this country, we must make some changes now to save our resources for Bahamians. We must remove every shanty town in this country, not just Nassau and Abaco, but other islands such as Andros, Eleuthera and Grand Bahama as well.

We must never give illegal immigrants, their children or their children’s children status of any kind to live in this country. We must also charge and fine anyone who hires illegals. We have to make it impossible for any illegal immigrant to reside or work in this country, like it or not, it is the law.

Every country on this planet protects their resources.

Most of us know what the Bible said about the “five wise and the five foolish”. It is also written in the Bible “to protect the land that the Lord our God has given us”.



November 26, 2019


Porcupine 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Imagine the beauty of the Bahamian resources today if the Lucayans had adopted this policy.


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