Aml Stores Prepared For Single Plastic Bag Ban



AML Food Limited stores (Solomon’s Fresh Market, Solomon’s and Cost Right) are prepared for the single plastic bag ban and are making certain their customers are also ready, said Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Renea Bastian.

Bastian added on Friday that the company has been giving out reusable bags once a month to shoppers.

“For the last four years on Earth Day we’ve always taken away the plastic bags out of our stores and distributed reusable bags,” she said.

“So we’re hoping that you know customers had been taking advantage of the bag giveaway and heeding to the countdown we’ve had not only in the store, but on social media.”

“As an organization, as a company we’ve decided not to take advantage of the six-months grace in terms of being able to distribute the bags. So we’re not going to not have the plastic bags available in stores as of January 1. Customers will have to bring their own reusable bags or purchase a reusable bag from the register at a minimum fee.”

She said the AML is a supporter of the ban as it falls in line with the company’s advocacy on environmental issues as they are passionate about the environment.

Bastian added: “You know besides notwithstanding the garbage that the plastic bag creates just in terms of the effect on the marine life you know it kills the fish. You know all of the marine life are effected negatively because the bags they blow everywhere.”


birdiestrachan 2 months ago

This is an establishment that did not want to give bags in the first place. Cost Rite. They must have told doc that if they did not provide bags, their profits would be higher. the bags that are being given out do not seem that strong. The poor will have to buy bags from their small income

A win for the rich and another blow for the poor..


Dawes 2 months ago

You must have missed the part where they have been giving away reusable bags for free. Also it will be a win for the environment, but hey who cares about that.


The_Oracle 2 months ago

Bag for certain purposes are banned, not all. Same with Styrofoam, Insofar as "bans" go it is a bit pathetic. It also provides for certain bags to be used solely for specific purposes, so we'll be needing the "usage" police. Single use plastic water bottles are not banned. A good thing considering the need for drinking water post hurricane. I think baggies for crack are ok once they're over 3 mil thick.


Chucky 2 months ago

Plastic bag ban is trivial. Bread and almost everything else come in a bag. Even a cereal box has a bag in it.

This is a joke


stillwaters 2 months ago

Have to start somewhere.....small, but progressive steps.


BahamaRed 2 months ago

Why not go back to paper bags like they used to give out back in the day? I wrapped many a school book with Super Value brown paper bags.


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