Maynard: We’Ll Still Have Load Shedding

BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard. (File photo)

BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard. (File photo)


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Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union president Paul Maynard believes load shedding at Bahamas Power and Light will still occasionally happen until an additional 90 megawatts of generation is brought on stream.

He spoke after BPL chairman Dr Donovan Moxey declared the load shedding era over following the installation of seven Wartsila engines that generate 130 megawatts of power. Works Minister Desmond Bannister has indicated that millions will be spent to bring an additional 90 megawatts of capacity online by 2021 for a total of 222 megawatts.

Asked about Dr Moxey’s prediction, Mr Maynard said yesterday: “I wouldn’t say that if I were him. (The equipment) is still going to trip; 130 won’t hold you, wait until we get the 90. (Dr Moxey) is getting his advice from the engineers and in my opinion the engineers are wrong. The generators will significantly cut down load shedding but it will still happen because the equipment at Blue Hill and Clifton Pier (plants) still ancient.”


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Dr Moxey led members of the Minnis administration on a tour of BPL’s new plant on Friday.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said the additional generation “will fix long-standing and vexing problems in New Providence”.

“Its machines were old and inadequate,” Dr Minnis also said. “BPL as we met it was in a state of collapse. Its ability to reliably and consistently generate power was near total collapse. On coming to office, we made the reform of BPL a priority. The last administration chose not to make the tough decisions needed to reform the company and to introduce meaningful energy sector reform.”

For his part, Dr Moxey said on Friday: “These seven new Wartsila state-of-the-art engines will generate 130mw of power and provide consistent and reliable power to the grid, while minimising our overall carbon footprint. Thanks to their versatility and ability to burn less extensive fuels the cost for our customers will go down as fuel savings expand. Most importantly, these engines dramatically increase our generation capacity.”

He added: “We’ll be able to take other units offline to repair without impacting our overall generation as well as retire units that are less efficient and beyond their useful life. More than anything else it means we have much need capacity in our system. So come this summer when peak demand is at 260mw we will have over 300mw of available power.

“There will be an end to load shedding. This facility along with other facets of our turn-around strategy will help make load shedding a thing of the past in New Providence and that is something we can all celebrate.”


moncurcool 10 months ago

So Maynard knows more than the engineers? Ain't that a joke. Tribune pease stop putting a mic in front of this man.


ohdrap4 10 months ago

I think he knows more than the engineers.


shonkai 10 months ago

Great, we now have the generating power. Next thing they'll hit us with is complete renovation of the distribution grid, another $500M


Well_mudda_take_sic 10 months ago

What can one say about Maynard and his gestapo squad of saboteurs?

Marvin Dames better have a 24/7/365 special security detail in place to protect all of that expensive new power generating equipment.


TheMadHatter 10 months ago

Im sure they dont even have one security camera near thise generators. Not a single one. Same as before the 2nd BPL fire.


geostorm 10 months ago

. (Dr Moxey) is getting his advice from the engineers and in my opinion the engineers are wrong.

If you don't laugh,you will cry in this country! Now who else should Dr. Moxey get his advice from? ......the union??? You guys had better not sabotage that new equipment.


bogart 10 months ago

All the experts on providing more power generation and more power generation and more power generation seems NOT familiar with the lower levels of society way below them and destitute proverty levels rising not using electricity.

Some 4,000 plus homes have electricity cut off. As each home expenses have now increased more homes likely to be get cut off. Huge amounts of butane airsol can containers are being sold in mon an pop stores for now high usage of camping gas stoves eliminatinb electric stoves. Big wig experts dont realize that driving through unban city every afternoon all the wood smoke fire is people cooking. The longer food lines and soup kitchens use propane gas lessen electricity cost. Many who still has electricity has cut back to get discount and with the govt push to get homes using SOLAR will lessen use of electricity and feed back electricity into grid for compemnsation. All devices appliances in more and more efficient.. Fewer homes constructed, next decades water level risen affecting areas affecting electricity...., businesses getting efficiencies, cutting back, ....


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