Is The Police Force Someone's Toy?

EDITOR, The Tribune

The ladies charged with working without a work permit and one for overstaying.

  1. How did the media get hold of the police line-up photographs?

  2. The media implied that the women were “stripping” as in taking their clothes off...far from the truth and they were NOT charged with indecent exposure. Reports indicated that they were dancing, wearing as much as ‘000’s wear to the beach, probably less there!

Surely there is a charge against the operators of these night places, for employing persons without an immigration work permit. I recall the PM making such a statement and also the Minister of Immigration, Mr Brent Symonette, that in future breaches of Immigration laws will see the employer also charged. Waiting to see if they meant what they said?

All these highfalutin police named operations...is the police force a toy of someone? Operation this and that - I would call all of them Operation Law Enforcement - dummy! And about time!



January 31. 2019


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