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THE Bahamas Chess Federation has announced plans for two major events.

The first one is the Brenton Hector Smith Individual Scholastic Chess Championships, scheduled for Saturday, February 16, at the Anatol Rodgers High School and will be opened to all juniors under 20.

The tournament this year will be the last qualifying tournament for the CARIFTA Trials. This year, the Chess CARIFTA Games will be held in Willemstad on the island of Curacao.

The second tournament for the BCF is the Old Fort Bay Invitational 2019. The Bahamas Chess Institute in conjunction with the BCF is hosting this annual event. It is one of two major events held in The Bahamas for top-rated chess players.

The Bahamas top active World Chess Federation (FIDE) players have been invited to compete for a chance at a $5,000 prize fund. The field of players is made up of local and FIDE titled masters including three juniors players

This event is being sponsored by the Lindroth Development Company, New Providence Development Company, Ed Fields, David Laughlin, Michael Philips, Jacob LeBlanc and the Old Fort Bay Club

The drawing of lots was held on Saturday, February 2, so now the invited players are gearing up for battle, which will begin on February 23 at 9 am at the Old Fort Bay Club.


THE most valuable player from the City Bowling League competition on Monday night at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment was Tyrone Knowles, of Clayton Gardiner & Associates, with a 613-high three-game series.

The runner-up was Mario Brown, of Ten Back Strikers-Lees Motor Works, with a 249 second high game and 610 second high set.

Ansel Ferguson, of Carib Construction, got red hot in the second game and mowed down the pins for an impressive high game of 264.

The leader in the ladies category was Janice Hoyte, of Tenback Strikers-Lees Motor Works, with a 544 high three game set. She was followed by Driskell Rolle, of Asurewin Pocket Pleasers, with a 215 high game and a 534 second high set.

Xynea Johnson, of the Brooklyn Strikers, struck for the second high game of 212.

The team scores for the evening were: The Avengers 3, NUA Crusaders 0; Checker’s Cafe 3, Telco Enterprises 0; Brooklyn Strikers 3, Island Game Strokers 0; CDM Knights 2, Carib Construction 1; Asurewin Pocket Pleasers 2, E&U Watercoolers 1; Clayton Gardiner & Associates 2, BPL Shockers 1; Tenback Strikers-Lees Motor Works 2, Bahamasair Flyers 1

The top four teams after the first four weeks of the second half of play are as follows


Tenback Strikers-Lees

Motor Works 9

Carib Construction 8

Brooklyn Strikers 8

Asurewin Pocket

Pleasers 7


THE family of the late Eleazor “the Sailing Barber” Johnson will celebrate his life with a T-shirt day on Friday.

The family is inviting corporate Bahamas and the Bahamas Government offices to participate in the celebration by wearing “This One for Barber J” T-shirts in his honor.

T-shirts can be purchased at Johnson’s Barber Shops on Cordeaux Avenue and Fox Hill or by calling Sherman Johnson at 357-3031, James Johnson at 552-1244, Deon Johnson at 558-1327, Trevor Johnson at 425-3811 or Lynden Johnson at 426-0786.


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