Ending Spiritual Paralysis


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New Birth Church on Robinson Road held its first ever healing and breakthrough revival under the theme “Spiritual Awakening”.

Lead Pastor Bruce Davis of New Birth Church told Tribune Religion the revival was a culmination of the church’s 21 days of fasting and prayer. Featured guests included well-known American pastors Addison Adamu of Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Bishop Derrick Traylor of Houston, Texas.

“Pastor Addison ministered one evening only and so many were healed, delivered and blessed. Bishop Derrick ministered during services and the people were extremely blessed by his unique preaching, teaching and singing grace,” said Pastor Davis.

He said the idea of the revival came about as the church’s wish for the people of God to be awakened form spiritual paralysis.

Pastor Davis said he is happy to report that many revival participants experienced their own spiritual awakening.

“Persons testified of healings that took place in there bodies and soul, and it is just an amazing thing to see God touch His people. There is a need for the Church in the Bahamas to take its place and be the Church that represents the heart and mind of God; it is critical. Our nation cannot survive with a paralysed church,” said Pastor Davis.

He said around the world the Church and its purpose is being questioned, and it’s no different here in the Bahamas. That is why a spiritual awakening is desperately needed in the country, said Pastor Davis.

“We, the Church, are the defence of the poor and marginalised, but we are unable to be as effective as God intended when we have developed spiritual paralysis,” he said.


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