Has The Cost Of The Sun Gone Up?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

PRIME Minister said there would be an enquiry into the 80MW Standby BP&L RFP…total utter silence.

As said before how do you allow an existing provider, Aggreko, participate in a fair RFP as obviously they have enormous cost advantage over every new bidder? Aggreko still provide BP&L the generators intact if the media was half awake they would go to Clifton and photograph the additional 10-12 1MW generators from Aggreko which are now on-line, but there was no RFP?

How did Shell America get their agreement if Aggreko still provides the standby generation units? Show us how Shell won RFP:#978/17 published October 16th, 2017 if they do not provide the standby generators - that was the intent of the RFP nothing more or less?

LNG costs went up 14-16% over the past years - Prime Minister has the cost of the sun gone up? Go with LNG we still have fuel surcharge!

Prime Minister in recent comments you seem to be totally a ‘sun-lover’…the only way all will see a cost of electricity go down.

In your address to Bahamas Business not a single word on electricity?



January 18, 2019.


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