Time To Take Responsibility

EDITOR, The Tribune

Aquisition by the Defence Force of $240 million worth of patrol craft, and the development of the RBDF Base in Inagua and Coral Harbour truthfully started when Hon. Tommy T. Turnquest was Minister - at least the purchase of the patrol craft.

Under the late B.J. Nottage, the project evolved to a major proposal, called "Sandy Bottom" – the purchase of the patrol craft and the development simultaneously of Inagua and Coral Harbour bases.

"Sandy Bottom" was a complex proposal, between the shipbuilder Damen Shipyards and the marine Engineering/Dredging Company from Holland van Oord NA. Combined they arranged a substantial financing through the EU Development Bank.

Such a civil engineering project, involved the total involvement of the Minister of Public Works - all the Utility Companies - and the Command of the Defence Force. So if there were missing aspects, seemingly to the current Minister's understanding – then the blame lies where?

There is more than upfront evidence over the years, of the inability of the RBDF to interdict Haitian sailing sloops. Let alone the new use of 32-38 ft. sailing boats, possibly stolen in The Bahamas and taken to Haiti, to return and fox the RBDF. The past two migrant incidents in Abaco, seemingly this was how the migrants sailed under the radar - in sight of the RBDF. No excuses the distance between Haiti and Inagua is not far. We conclude something is amiss?

Minister about time you take responsibility.



February 11, 2019


sheeprunner12 6 months ago

Sooooooo, Haitians are allegedly being trafficked through our waters on US yachts for 2+ Grand each???

And not a Government official (US or Bahamian) or Human Rights activist will publicly acknowledge this travesty??????

Where is the social outrage .......... like the Lyford Cay beach, Disney port, or Reckley arrest???????? ................. HMMMMMMM


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