Three Ships The Minimum

EDITOR, The Tribune

Who would you prefer managing the Port of Nassau?

1) Group of the largest cruise lines with 105 cruise ships?

2) A management group who own no cruise boats and manage and advise the Government of Cuba who are developing competitive ports to Nassau?

Carnival - RCL - NCL own or manage Cruise Ports in our region…there has not been any protests from competitor Cruise Lines.

As previous writers have said - who controls the itineraries of the ships? Cruise Lines, not Port Managers.

Who has been extraordinarily successful in attracting more and more cruise takers annually? Port Managers or Cruise Lines?

Choice is easy. The Cruise Line Group, but as a previous writer suggested have a clause where they must bring to Nassau at least three-mega ships a week, Nassau being their first port of call might be second…



December 23, 2018


Sickened 5 months, 2 weeks ago

The cruise ships will have no incentive to promote shops/activities that are outside of their new port area - THAT is my concern. They can make the port area into such a comprehensive/fun theme park that no passenger would want to brave the streets of Nassau.


pingmydling 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Look what happened last time 3 ships came here. Remember 1492???


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