‘Fabulous Wives’ Host Prayer Breakfast To Promote Faith In Marriage


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It has become an annual tradition for members of the Fabulous Wives Club to dedicate the organisation’s first session in January to God with a prayer breakfast.

To promote the importance of having a prayer life in marriage, the organisation is hosting its prayer breakfast this Saturday at the Commonwealth Balcony Hall, Elizabeth Estates, from 7am to 8am. The theme this year is “Focus Is Renewing the Body, Mind and Spirit.”

“For us, starting the year off on a good note, getting in touch spiritually and rooted in prayer feels wonderful. The goal is knowing the wives will be motivated to increase their prayer life,” said Sharron Neely, founder and president of the Fabulous Wives Club.

The event will also mark the organisation’s 10th anniversary. Ms Neely said it all started a decade ago as a meeting at her dining room table with four wives coming together, looking for an outlet to enjoy recreation, beauty and encouragement.

Today, the Fabulous Wives Club has grown into four chapters spanning from Nassau to Abaco, North Andros to Grand Bahama, boasting more than 200 members.

“Initially, after sitting with the first original four women, laughing, talking and hearing their different cries that are normally heard from married women, shortly after God instilled a passion within me to focus on married women. I initiated the Fabulous Wives Club, believing that every wife is indeed fabulous. She should love, dress, act, walk, talk and operate in the spirit of excellence, and allow God to be the foundation of her life and the centre of her marriage,” said Ms Neely.

Her passion involves educating and counselling women in maintaining a successful marriage through the sharing of biblical principles, providing a support system for women whose interests are geared towards ensuring that their marriages are successful, building and nurturing families, encouraging others, and building a better society through various community service initiatives.

“In today’s society, many people do not believe in the concept of marriage. There are so many negative attributes associated with it. Thus, many believe that a joyous marriage is unattainable. However, the Fabulous Wives Club is a testament that this view is untrue. The Fabulous Wives Club is a non-profit organisation that serves as a great network of resources for women from all walks of life,” said Ms Neely.

She believes incorporating prayer into your life, and even more so in marriage, is vital. The prayer breakfast is held each year so participating wives can receive advice on how to increase their knowledge about prayer development.

“After observing how many marriages have been defeated, it’s mostly because couples may only know how to fight naturally and don’t know how to fight spiritually,” said Ms Neely.

For more information about Saturday’s prayer breakfast, contact 429-9939 or 364-0517.


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