Death Of Death Penalty

EDITOR, The Tribune

Let’s face it, when one is sentenced to death in The Bahamas these days it really means life in prison. The condemned prisoner knows that all he has to do, is appeal and wait on the commutation call, or total freedom – in some cases.

The death penalty in the Americas has been corrupted for centuries, and used as a brutal tool of racism; especially against the black man and other minority groups. After the advent of DNA, the death penalty has been found guilty of the murder or false imprisonment of countless of innocent victims - and new ones are added almost daily – after further review. Only heaven knows the millions of convicted and innocent death penalty victims throughout the ages – whose names will never be vindicated, as there is no available DNA evidence to clear them accordingly.

The death penalty will always be corrupt, because innocent people are also victims of it. The death penalty is simply a legal-bully in The Bahamas, because it is truly shameful and scandalous to have such a deadly thing hanging over one’s head. Maybe, that’s why hanging is still on our law books.

In the meantime, the death penalty in The Bahamas is enjoying the publicity, knowing full well that it will die on the unemployment line.



January 23, 2019


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So is thet cat O nine tails I believe.


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