The Ultimate Boot Camp For Aspiring Pageant Contestants

Chantal O’Brian

Chantal O’Brian


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THE latest undertaking of former Miss Bahamas World Chantal O'Brian will see her hosting a pageant and modelling boot camp that will act as a training ground for aspiring beauty queens.

Having competed in three consecutive Miss Bahamas Organisation pageants and winning Miss Bahamas World in 2015 has given Chantal first-hand experience of what is required to be the ultimate beauty queen and win the crown.

With her new venture, The Academy: Become Queen Boot Camp, she hopes to create the go-to training studio where young girls and women will be groomed and polished to improve their poise and posture. It will be held from July 22-26.

The studio will also be a space where young girls and women can focus on becoming more self-aware, building confidence and self-esteem, she said.

Chantal, who has been balancing a 9-to-5 job while working on becoming entrepreneur, has always been passionate about empowering women. This is also one of driving forces behind hosting the boot camp event.

"Most people who know me know of my love for the elevation of youth/women and the platform that pageantry provides. Because of this I have began pageant/runway coaching, and since beginning have helped multiple competitors attain pageant success. Even more so, my ultimate goal is to build a bridge between our local pageant/model industry to the international scene," she told Tribune Woman.

And her hard work is paying off, as Chantal was selected as the official runway coach for the Miss Black US International Pageant.

This Summer's boot camp, she said, will provide upcoming models and pageant contestants with all the necessary skills to be successful.

"I'm super confident that participants will take a lot away from it. Being that I've coached winners in different pageant systems along with contestants in the Miss Bahamas Universe pageant, as well as my experience in the modelling industry, there's so much to impart. I'm also pretty excited about the speakers who will also be contributing to the boot camp," she said.

Melding pageantry with modelling was a strategic move by Chantal to allow participants to gain exposure in both industries,

Participants will be taught runway and public speaking skills, receive training in confidence building, social etiquette, personality development, branding and image styling.

There will also be a photoshoot session with a professional photographer for model comp cards and an opportunity to walk in an elite fashion show.

"This being a pageant and model boot camp is not by mistake. This is to allow participants to be exposed to both industries. Year after year there are complaints about women not being ready to compete or needing more preparation. This is to encourage interested persons to start early, instead of two or three months before competition," she said.

The boot camp is best suited for girls/women, aged seven to 27. Classes will officially begin in August.

For more information, contact psobrianconsulting@gmail.com or call (242) 826-7758.


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