Honours To Creators Of Flag And Anthem


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TIMOTHY Gibson, the late composer of The Bahamas’ national anthem, and Reverend Dr Hervis Bain, the man who designed the nation’s flag, have been posthumously awarded the country’s third highest honours.

Gibson, who died in 1978, and Bain, who died in 2015, were both awarded the Order of The Bahamas as of July 9 for having given “distinguished and exemplary service to The Bahamas” during their lifetimes.

Reverend Dr Philip Rahming, the author of the country’s national pledge of allegiance, as well as the country’s national song God Bless Our Sunny Clime, has also been bestowed the Order of The Bahamas award.

In addition to being referred to as “Right Honourable”, all three men are now entitled to have the post-nominal letters “CB” placed after their names.

Meanwhile, former FNM Cabinet ministers Frank Watson and Orville “Tommy” Turnquest have received the highest rank of the country’s Order of Distinction for the “exemplary service” they have provided to the Bahamas.

Messrs Watson and Turnquest were both honoured with the “Companion” rank of the Order of Distinction, thus entitling them to place the letters “CD” after their names.

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Keith Mason Sr; Dr Elwood Donaldson; and Frank Rolle have been honoured with the “Officer” rank of the Order of Distinction. That honour entitles them to place the letters “OD” after their respective names.

Meanwhile, former Senate President Lynn Holowesko and Bahamian historian, archivist and author Gail Saunders, headed a group of six Bahamians bestowed with the “Member” rank of the Order of Distinction.

Others bestowed with that honour are former Bahamian sailor Godfrey Kelly; former ambassador Angela Missouri Sherman-Peter; Edward “Dud” Maynard, the father of deceased politician Charles Maynard; and Norwood Rahming.

Those recipients are now entitled to place the letters “DM” after their names.

Five Bahamians have been bestowed with the country’s Order of Merit. Reverend Dr Charles Saunders and Bishop Carrington Pinder have been honoured with the “Companion” rank of the award. Jumbey Village creator Edmund Moxey Sr and Bahamian musician Louis George Adams Sr have been given that award posthumously.

Reverend J Carl Rahming has been honoured with the “Officer” rank of the Order of Merit, while Reverends Charles Sweeting, and Oral Rex Major, have been honoured with the “Members” rank of that award.

This is the second year the National Honours have been bestowed. There was no selection this year for the category of National Hero or Order of the Nation.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 months ago

Anyone remember what part of our national flag is Brent Symonette's favourite part? LMAO


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Did they change the color of the thread that keep flag together...lol


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Where or when do we sing the national song?????? ............. Or is this a USA gimmick???? Jokes!!!!!!


sheeprunner12 3 months ago

National honours for Frank Watson .......... Tommy T .............. Say no more


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