The Same Old Broken Cars

EDITOR, The Tribune

National Pride Day Rawson Square - have to ask if the Police Summer School did not bus hundreds of children there how many children would have turned up? I suggest few.

It has to be said - look around you just out your door and down the street what do you see…the usual old broken down cars - garbage - litter - unkempt yards and we say we are proud?

Where is Environmental people - must be sitting back in the air conditioned office not a care in the world and believing somehow the areas around us will miraculously get cleaned and people will comply with the law. Massive abuse of environment laws.

What a cough up - Wendell Jones one of the most proud Bahamians around does not mix his opinion and yesterday fluid with criticism and he is right…once a year we talk it, Pride but for the remaining 364 days dirt - litter - broken down cars, trucks overgrown lots are the issue of the day. As a Bahamian I am not proud, disgusted!

Government can’t keep their buildings clean…they are a great example to us all…right there in Rawson Square they paint Cabinet/Churchill Building but the Adderley Building right next door is left unpainted. We really serious? We gotta to be blind!



July 5, 2019


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