Belts will leave a mark but that is not abuse

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am a Bahamian and proud of it. I am proud of the foundation upon which our country is built. These include being taught as a child to say "yes" and "no, sir". This also includes knowing that cut hip comes when lines are crossed. I watch with amusement how so many parents of today want to become so "sophisticated" and forget from whence they have come. Corporal punishment is not abuse. I work in the field of education and over many years I have found that the students who are beaten by parents are more decent and respectful than those who are not. The ones who boldly state: "My mommy don't beat me!" are the most disrespectful and vile students you will ever encounter. Adults of today who received corporal punishment often speak of how it made them better people. Many of the parents who coddle their children end up having to go around the courts for them or find them dead in some unfortunate incident.

Bahamians, Let Us Keep Our Principles!! Do not try to become like America where children can be emancipated and call the police when parents try to discipline them. America is plagued with school shootings and many other vices because they have taken God and Discipline out of the school.

Those parents who do not want their children to be disciplined at school should keep them at home. School requires discipline and no child should be above the rules that govern a school. Discipline will leave a mark on the body. Let us not be naïve. Belts or cane will leave a mark but that is not abuse. Maybe if more students were trained or disciplined at home, the school would not have to step in.

An advocate for corporal punishment.



May 31, 2019.


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