Ethan Quant: No Reason Is A Bad Reason

Ethan Quant, before and after

Ethan Quant, before and after

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

 I say all the time that my initial motivation for starting my journey was because I wanted a six-pack. I saw a picture of myself at a friend’s wedding back in April 2011 and was deeply disturbed by the image. I mean, I was fat and I didn’t like it, so I decided that I wanted a six-pack because six-packs are sexy and I wanted to be sexy.

Literally, that’s what started my 110-pound body transformation journey. It had nothing to do with wanting to be healthy, or set an example for my daughter, or to be an inspiration for others. It was complete and utter vanity. The thing is, that’s OK. There is absolutely no bad reason to want to get healthy and fit. It could be to get back at an ex, or to impress someone that you like; it could be because you want to look good in your clothes, or you want to just feel better and have more energy. It really doesn’t matter why you start, as long as you start. The truth is that as you are progressing on your journey, your why will expand, as mine did.

I know that there are some industry professionals who try and push their ideology on their clients. I really disagree with this. I do feel that like in any other relationship, your value system should match up. If you go to a trainer because you want a round booty and snatched waist, then that’s what they should help you get. They shouldn’t judge you for wanting that.

Because on your journey you will learn, with the proper guidance and support, that in order to get the body you want you are going to have to change some stuff and make some adjustments to your lifestyle.

So I started out with what some may see as a shallow reason for wanting to get in shape, but it was strong enough to not only keep me going, but for my story to inspire literally thousands of people, and for me to now make it my personal and professional mission to help as many people as possible to not just transform their bodies, but their lives.

So if you are thinking about starting your health wellness and fitness journey, the best thing to do is to think about what excites you and what you love doing, and then how having a healthy fit body would contribute to that.

Remember, if you need help with this or any aspect of your health wellness and fitness journey feel free to reach out to me directly.

• If you need help navigating any part of your health, wellness and fitness process, you can contact Ethan Quant at ethan@elite-wellnesssolutions.com or on Instagram at @ethanquant.


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