New School Seeks To Put Focus On Individual Needs

A new school is opening its doors in September – aiming to provide children with a path through education to suit their individual needs.

Boost Academy is offering an alternative to the traditional education model, because the school’s founders, Jay Michael Phoenix and Sharleen Hanson, believe in accommodating different learning styles and interests, and preparing children for the modern world.

Sharleen Hanson, director of the new school, said: “Often, children who struggle academically do so because they have had negative experiences with school in the past. We work to provide them with a renewed interest in learning and the increased self-confidence to perform better in the classroom.”

The new school will be based at 51 Montrose Avenue North, Nassau, and will be open from 7.30am to 4.30pm to allow early drop-off and late pick-up, with the school day itself running from 8.30am-3pm. There will also be daily after-school homework help and clubs which will be free to students of Boost Academy.

Hanson said: “We are a boutique ‘smart’ school, encouraging children in grades 4-12 to develop critical thinking skills and to pursue their personal strengths and talents via our individualised learning pathways.”

In her role at Boost Educational Services, she has assisted many homeschool families with setting their children on the right path, even helping a number of students to graduate earlier than anticipated through a combination of choosing the right curriculum and providing a high level of academic and emotional support. Their team has helped students explore various paths outside of their prescribed curriculum including obtaining a certification in video editing, novel writing, song writing, and even assisting one young man in opening his own photography business at age 17.

An important aspect of the program is that student to staff ratios are kept small – eight to one – so that children develop a strong rapport with their teachers and receive as much support as possible to be successful.

She added: “We provide both face-to-face and online delivery of curriculum; emotional support services; scheduled one-on-one tutoring; and physical education and swimming at Evolve Functional Fitness.

“We think of ourselves as a value-added institution, as, unlike most schools that charge for additional tutoring, we are committed to providing any extra time needed to ensure that your child understands the curriculum and is able to keep up with the workload. Rather than wearing a uniform, students dress modestly and comfortably so that they can easily play outside during breaks. Any necessary textbooks are included.”

Email info@boostbahamas.com to learn more about the school.


John 11 months, 3 weeks ago

And will corporal punishment be administered?


bogart 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Excellent way to develop.!!!!!......After decades to having "different" childrens in classes being forced to be dumbed down to be rest of class. Dis causes challenges affecting all when dey kill da "spirit" of "smarty pants".....DERE ARE LIKELY THOU9SANDS OF STUDENTS....SMARTY PANTS BEING DUMBED DOWN TO CONVENIENTLY FIT......da boring class standards. ....happens all da time.....no leaderships in dere National Education already burdened wid bureaucracy politics...seems jus easy work route nots to kerpunkile derselves all up......content on same spot.....


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