Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The real story about the North Andros Airport terminal and the exorbitant rent was that it took the good Minister 24 months to discover and even seemingly after not finding a lease Government continued to pay.

Two wrongs don’t seem to make a right!

Tourism…What is the rent at Number One - Bay whilst the old George Street Office building still is unfinished?

Nassau Flights Services…Minister you gestured to dig at a Minister on the front bench but hasn’t this deal been done a long time ago? My natural guess it will be Odyssey Flights Services and they will get management of Marsh Harbour and Exuma International…it would appear to me that money and favoritism talks.

LPIA…Remake of runway…I have to presume BHM have the deal?

Port of Nassau - hmm pray Minister - Cayman Government embraced the Cruise Line money for their port and influence on cruise schedules and Ports of call…Let’s see who has the better analysis of the sector…Cruise Lines control where their ships go…not Port Managers.



June 7, 2019.


birdiestrachan 3 months ago

When I heard the man say they paid a bill for 2 years and he was unaware I said surely God has left this man by himself. because it shows he is not up to the task.

D"AGuilar knows who will receive all of these deals and contracts. They are only going through the motions to fool the peoples time voters,

They are all FNM's and they deserve each other.


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