Drive-By Killing: Video Shows How Victim Is Shot As Car Passes By

MAIN PICTURE: A still from the video which shows the moment of the shooting. 
INSET: The victim, believed to be 21-year-old Bradley Smith.

MAIN PICTURE: A still from the video which shows the moment of the shooting. INSET: The victim, believed to be 21-year-old Bradley Smith.



Video of the shooting on Dunmore Street.

Video of the shooting on Dunmore Street.


Tribune Staff Reporter 


DISTURBING surveillance video has emerged showing the last moments of a man before he was fatally wounded during a drive-by shooting on Dunmore Street on Wednesday night. 

The 23-second video, which was widely shared on social media, opens with two men talking outside a convenience store around 8pm. A woman then walks over and takes a plate of food from one of the men before a young child is seen riding a bicycle in the background before moving out of frame. 

Moments later a silver vehicle, identified by police as a Honda Fit, drives past. As the car slows, two occupants brandish guns and open fire in the direction of the three people. The woman and two men attempt to run to escape the hail of bullets, however it appears one man is injured. The gunmen then flee the scene. 

The injured man was rushed to the hospital and was later pronounced dead, police said.

The Tribune understands the victim is 21-year-old Bradley Smith, however, his identity was not released by police.  This incident pushed the country’s murder rate to 38, according to The Tribune’s records.

This shooting came hours after another man was wounded in a separate incident. Police said shortly before 1pm on Wednesday, a man was standing outside a home on Key West Street when the occupants of a black Nissan Cube pulled up and opened fire in his direction, injuring him before speeding away.

The victim was taken to hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Investigations are continuing.

In the wake of these incidents, local advocacy group Bahamas Against Crime called for new crime fighting strategies.

“In addition to many other crimes, this week has seen three murders to date,” BAC said in a statement. “A 21-year-old man shot and killed on Price Street in the Nassau Village area on Sunday, the other a security guard killed hours later while on the job at the Commonwealth Brewery plant on JFK Drive and a third, on Dunmore Street, Bain Town on Wednesday.

“Despite an announcement by National Security Minister Marvin Dames that murder is down 21 percent, there is clearly so much more work to be done, and we must do it to ensure the nation is safe for generations to come.

“In that regard, BAC is calling upon the government to devise a new strategy which greatly increases investment in the social sector. This is particularly critical in areas commonly referred to as hot spots by the authorities. BAC is prepared to assist the government in implementing this strategy, which will definitely bring about positive results.”

BAC Chairman Rev C B Moss said, “one of the most powerful assets available in the fight against crime remains unutilised”.

“BAC is convinced that the proper mobilisation and involvement of our mothers, wives, grandmothers, daughters, etc could have a significant impact on the present level of crime and violence in the country.

“Virtually, all else have failed. Perhaps it’s time for the women of The Bahamas to step up to the plate,” he added. 

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call police at 919, 502-9991 or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 328-TIPS (8477).


Godson 5 days, 21 hours ago

Jeremiah 8:22: Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

I read this bible passage about three mornings back. And I concluded that, as it relates to us, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the answer is YES. There are medicines to heal the sicknesses and diseases of Country; and there is a skilled and trained physician who can diagnose and treat our sick citizens back to health and social well-being. However, the balm in The Bahamas is being applied by unenlightened, inexperienced and unskilled common laborers (PLP & FNM politicians, as well as, church leaders). And it is being used for other applications other than its intended purpose: the healing of Our Country.

As for the physician, he was made to leave off from what he was trained and qualified to do; and instead, he has had to give his attention to his own personal need for survival. The resources that should have otherwise been allocated and directed to employ him for his skills and talents has been allocated out to political family, friends and lovers. Most recently, the appointment of Ruth Bowe-Darville just days before the date of her retirement age.

So for now, until we come to respect and accept the anointed physician, and his balm, we may have to accept the killings of our youths as the status quo, the norm.


Well_mudda_take_sic 5 days, 20 hours ago

Any media outlet showing this horrific video is interfering with the ability of law enforcement to conduct a full and proper investigation. We can only hope the next of kin were properly notified of this incident before being subjected to viewing it on The Tribune's website. The Tribune's editor is clearly under too much pressure from The Tribune's owners to boost circulation no matter what additional grief they may cause to a murdered man's family members.


jus2cents 5 days, 16 hours ago

God rest his young soul.

The pathetic small boys that are doing this kind of thing are without a doubt full-blown cowards, shooting unarmed people whilst hiding behind tinted car windows is not brave.

By their own actions they will go to hell soon & that's for sure, but why are the parents and preachers not stopping this?

People Know these parasites, people produce and harbor these thugs, those same people are just as culpable. Look in the mirror of your soul Bahamians!


bogart 5 days, 16 hours ago

BAC.....seems to now wants mothers, grandmothers, daughters.....time for wemem to step up to the plate ......an help ..........BEGS QUESTION.....Who man.. from dese urban areas.....aint done know who runs da house....goes to wofk....pay the bills....cooks....buy food....clean uniforms...hang on line..clean house...fix hair...use da tambrind switch...helps schoolwork.....buy good shoes from Shaynes....make slam bam...bag chips...soda...lunch ...$1 for saltie wid hot sause corner shop...an go an hav word wid da teacher.....IF ANY BAHAMIAN MAN WHO AINT KNOW DA FEMALES DONE HERULEAN PART TRY BRINGIN UP CHILLREN.......DEN APPOINT DAT MAN HEAD AT PMH TO CHECK IT OUT....!!!!!!!!!!!


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