Fathers Urged To Be Present In Their Children's Lives


Fathers, both young and old, were honoured for playing one the most important roles in the lives of their children during a special service at Ebenezer Union Baptist Church in Exuma.

Sister Krivoy Smith and the Ebenezer church family celebrated the men, and Rev Stephen Smith preached the word with the help of wooden replica of Noah's Ark as a demonstrative prop. He spoke of God's instructions to Noah to build the Ark and to carry with him both the males and females of different animal species to populate the world after the flood.

"Just like Noah, we as men must be obedient to God and read His word to help guide and teach our children and protect our families," he said. "As men we must love our children, discipline them when necessary, and always encourage them in their life's endeavours."

He charged all fathers to go and find their children, if necessary, and build positive relationships with them.

Rev Smith highlighted and commended Elder Gladstone "Cowboy" Rolle for being an exemplary father who always encourages unity and togetherness among his children.

He said like Noah, these men must have certain building materials and principles; principles that help to make them the men and fathers, ordained by God. He said they must always walk with God, pray without ceasing, and maintain a clean and pure heart.

Rev Smith further urged men to hang out in the "wrong places", but to surround themselves with positive influences.

Sister Krivoy and Ebenezer's women ensured that the men received gifts and treats on their special day.


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