$42m Superplex Beats Us-Based Imax Rivals


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A FUSION Superplex executive yesterday said the complex has been one of IMAX’s leaders for the last four months, outperforming rivals in New York and Florida.

Dominic Richards, the Atavus Group’s chief operating officer, said the IMAX-centred entertainment destination has been in the top one percent in occupancy rates and screen revenues since its opening.

Addressing the Rotary Club of West Nassau, he revealed: “In the last four months we have been open, I can say we have been in the top one per cent in occupancy rates as well as screen revenue. In November and December we beat every theatre in New York, California and Florida.”

Mr Richards said the business, located at the junction of Gladstone Road and JFK Drive, has not been without its challenges. “A major challenge that we have faced has more to do with the fact that we have purposely targeted a lot of young people to give them work,” he explained.

“When you target young people you have issues with skills sets, temper management, and how do you build someone who is less in tune with the business setting. When you focus on that you spend a lot more time mentoring than managing.”

The $42m entertainment facility was developed by the Atavus Group, which includes Mr Richards; Carlos Foulkes, its chief executive; Tecoyo Bridgewater, director and in-house legal counsel; and Demarco Gibson, chief of security, facilities and maintenance

Targeted at all age ranges and tastes, the Fusion Superplex includes two restaurants; nine cinemas, including IMAX, 4DX, XS3 and PURE VIP theatre; an indoor supervised children’s play zone; a two-level arcade; a Starbucks coffee lounge; and Sub-Zero ice cream that is made from liquid nitrogen.


Well_mudda_take_sic 1 year, 3 months ago

There's an awful lot of money suddenly flowing through this new business. We can only pray it's not the dirty kind that undergoes a massive laundering process. LMAO


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