‘A Good Deed Is Never Lost’

New Birth Church reaches out to the needy


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A “good deed” is usually thought of as a kind gesture; making a difference in someone’s life with no real expectation of receiving anything in return.

In this case, a local church decided to launch a “Good Deeds Movement” because it wants to build a ministry to support the needs of the marginalised in Bahamian communities.

For members the New Birth Church, this movement has given them the opportunity to experience what it feels like to give to those who may never be in a position to repay them.

Year after year, the church has gone into the communities to offer clothing drives, hair and nail appointments, healthcare services, automotive services, food and drinks, bagged groceries, and more.

As a part of its movement, the New Birth Church will host for 20 days of giving, starting Thursday, March 21, leading up to the official “Good Deeds” event on Good Friday, April 19, when several initiatives will take place.

“We have partnered with local businesses for this initiative, including Rubis. Our hope is that this year we will impact more lives with more good deeds. It’s not uncommon to hear that it’s more of a blessing to give than to receive, but how common is it to give? We’ve become a society that has magnified the need to be a receiver more than we’ve emphasised the need to give. This train of thought has been one of the driving forces for the ‘Good Deeds Movement’,” said Bruce Davis, lead pastor at New Birth Church.

Pointing to Matthew 25, he said: “Here Jesus is emphasising the power and purpose of a good deed, which we’ve seemed to misplaced within our communities. The concept of the ‘Good Deeds Movement’ goes beyond just a doing a deed, but rather doing a good deed of value. We encourage partakers to give something tantamount to what they would want to receive, and offer them an opportunity to experience first-hand the joy of giving.

“This journey of Goods Deeds began in 2014 with an outreach where the members and partners of New Birth Church visited all the children’s homes and gave each child a week’s supply of lunch, clothing, grocery items and personal care items. We not only gave back to the children tangibly, but we spent time with them as well, sharing love and laughter, which in and of itself was an unforgettable good deed experience,” he added.

Since the year 2015, the Good Deeds Movement has impacted over 5,000 families, Pastor Davis noted. Members have given thousands of items to those in need, including furniture, clothing and groceries. Each year, Pastor Davis said, they have challenged themselves to impact more lives and give more than they did the previous year.

“We’ve offered an array of services free of charge, including haircuts and hair braiding, dental check-ups, health screenings, engine check-ups, facials, manicures and pedicures. In 2016, Good Deeds collaborated with Big Heart Kids, a children’s movement at New Birth Church, which creates an avenue for children to play their part in giving back to their peers, where we give lunch bags for all kids. The impact, though initiated by New Birth Church, far exceeds New Birth, as we have had support by various corporate sponsors and many persons in the community who all heard about the vision behind the movement and wanted to be a part of it. Standing firmly on the principle of Proverbs 19:17, which states: ‘Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed’,” said Pastor Davis.

Going forward, he said the aim is to remind and encourage members of the community to always be a blessing to those in need.

All those interested in participating in the movement, call 601-5105/6 or visit the group’s Facebook page, New Birth Church.


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