Time To Redevelop Carmichael Road

EDITOR, The Tribune

Over the years, Carmichael has grown tremendously to the point where it has earned the nickname, City 2000. We now have one branch of each bank, government offices, plazas, numerous food chains and other businesses that other parts of New Providence may not see for another decade or so. But we have a major problem and that’s Carmichael Road itself.

City 2000 still has the same two-lane road that it had from I was born nearly 30 years ago. This has resulted in constant bumper-to-bumper traffic on most days and nights. In the past few weeks, sidewalks are now being constructed. Which in my opinion, is only helpful to the pedestrians who are too lazy to walk across the street to the existing sidewalk. Also, the side road that runs between Faith Avenue and Carmichael Primary have now become corridors for impatient drivers instead of providing access to businesses.

I have a suggestion for the government. How about we redevelop Carmichael Road the same way Robinson Road was redeveloped back in 2012. We need to eliminate the side road, and add a centre turning lane to the main road. That would immediately improve traffic flow, especially in hot spot areas like Golden Gates where motorists are constantly holding up traffic to turn through those corners. It’s been proven with Robinson Road and it’ll be just as helpful with Carmichael Road. I’ve reached out to representatives and I was told that there are plans underway. So why are we wasting money building sidewalks and not spending a little extra to improve the area one time? Let’s be proactive in City 2000!



March 12, 2019


Dawes 1 year, 2 months ago

Everyone knows this needs to be done, unfortunately due to the political fall out from the last set of road building this will be put off for as long as possible, even though the land is already there and should be a lot easier to do.


BONEFISH 1 year, 2 months ago

Urban design and planning as a science in the Bahamas is unknown and not practiced except in the GBPA area of Grand Bahama.Carmichael road needs to be widen and the area also needs a mater plan for its future development.


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