Bahamas’ ‘Realest’ Church Celebrates 12 Years Of Serving With Heart


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This Sunday, Hope Centre Ministries is celebrating 12 years of bringing the gospel to the people in a “down to earth” manner which sets them apart from many local churches.

Under the theme “The Year of Kingdom Increase”, celebrations will take place on the church grounds, beginning at 3pm, and will feature Minister Naomi Grant, Apostle Cleon Munroe, Leonardo Evans, and host pastors Dr Carlos and Tiffany Reid.

Dr Reid said he is thankful to God for His faithfulness during all these years of ministry. He said God has brought their church from the “back of the yard” where it once resided to a new building and ministry located between the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium and the University of the Bahamas.

“The road has not been easy, but today we thank God. We are not where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be. We started under a greasy mechanic shed. I remember every Saturday we went out and brought more people. The ministry grew every week. We eventually closed in the mechanic shed and we finally had a home. It was not much, but it was ours,” said Dr Reid.

He remembers taking a group of young men to different churches every Sunday. As he continuously did this, God spoke to him and told him to do more. The pastor said he felt like Jacob as he battled with God.

“Truth is, I never wanted to be a pastor, but I made a deal with God that day. I told God that I would do it if He allowed me to do it my way. The Hope Centre has impacted thousands of people, not just here in the capital, but in the Family Islands and around the world. Our real and down to earth presentation of the gospel has set us apart,” said Dr Reid.

He is thankful for people like the late Dr Myles Munroe, who presided over the church’s groundbreaking ceremony of their new facility seven years ago and then a year later also presided over their first anniversary service.

“I was mentored by Dr Myles Munroe and I am indebted to him. I learned a whole lot from him and I don’t think that I would have been who I am without his guidance,” he said.

Dr Reid is proud of what the Hope Centre has become, pointing out that they have spaces for recreational activities such as a basketball court, a coffee shop, and more. He describes the church as “a dressed down ministry” with a heart for people.

“We pride ourselves in being the ‘realest’ church on the planet. We believe that we are called to real people, who live in a real world, who are often faced with real problems that require real solutions. Our goal is to reach the unchurched and the folks who have been turned off from church. This celebration is our acknowledgment of the faithfulness of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. When folk counted us out, He brought us in. When they said all manner of things about us, He continued to confirm His love toward us,” said Dr Reid.

“We still have a far way to go, but we know the He who has begun a great work in us is able to see it to completion. We have no doubt that those who attend will sense the presence of God and will leave the Hope Centre motivated and inspired to live their best life now. The goal of this event is to bring glory to God and to declare the season of ‘Kingdom Increase’ to the body of believers.”


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