Lack Of Dredging Sees Return Of The Seahorse

EDITOR, The Tribune

The discovery of a seahorse in North Bimini Bay may very well be the sign that, with the temporary stoppage of dredging within the mangroves, these unique treasures may be returning to the area. It was a juvenile seahorse, which indicates the possible presence of adults in the area.

Before all the dredging and construction began in North Bimini Bay, seahorses in a variety of vibrant colours were plentiful. Many other marine species have literally disappeared, a direct result of dredging and converting the bay into land on which multi-million dollar homes are being constructed.

We sincerely pray that the invasive destruction of this once natural habitat for an abundance of sea life has ended, and, we may once again witness a measurable return of what once fed the residents of Bimini and many other Bahamians as well as foreigners, who came to share our delectable marine treasures. Against all odds, even a few adult queen conchs can be seen in the bay area.

We have yet to see a single shrimp on the ocean side since their habitats were so dreadfully destroyed. Biminites once feasted daily on these delicious creatures which could be harvested by the bucket-full on any day.

Our sincere prayer is that any further incursion into the bay area or into the mangroves, where 80% of marine species spawn and mature, has come to an end. If not the rule of conscience, at least the historic evidence of wanton destruction of Mother Earth in North Bimini and the simultaneous disappearance of sea life should give us pause. Otherwise, this once beautiful and bounteous island will become an indelible symbol of tragic and irreparable loss.


Chairman, Save the Bays


March 11, 2019


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