A New Academy For Caribbean Gospel Artists Is Launched

Something big is happening on the gospel music scene, as a new professional academy for artists from all over the region was officially launched this week.

The Caribbean Gospel Music Academy (CGMA) is a non-profit organisation which aims to support, encourage and promote gospel music throughout the region.

“We believe that the CGMA is needed because there is a lack of communication, opportunities and knowledge with regards to who is who, where information can be found in addition to there being no central database of radio stations, producers, promoters or venues across the Caribbean. The CGMA gives us the opportunity to connect with each other and to receive greater results and promotion,” said members of the new umbrella association.

The CGMA aims to also create mentorship programmes for new and upcoming artists, producers, worship leaders, and eventually for all other areas of the gospel music industry.

The CGMA has partnered and join forces with some of the top industry leaders representing various Caribbean countries to help guide and bring this vision to life. In the Bahamas, its affiliate is Elevation Media.

The CGMA said would like to celebrate all of the organisations and promoters that have been honouring gospel artists for their hard work over the years; institutions like the Marlin Awards, which have paved the way for the many other award shows and platforms.

For artists wishing to sign up for the CGMA, the first year of membership will be free. By becoming a member, artists will receive exclusive access to all CGMA seminars and events, the Caribbean Gospel Event Database ad promotional opportunities.

For more information, visit www.thecgma.com. The registration period ends April 30.


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