Federation Holds 45th Annual Junior Chess Tournament


Elton Joseph and under-8 category winners.


Elton Joseph, president of the Bahamas Chess Federation, and Polina Karelina, right, 1st place under-18 main category, 1st place U-20 main category and overall winner. She successfully defended her title as the Bahamas’ junior chess champion.


Elton Joseph and Noah Albury, 2nd place under-14 main category winner and 3rd place under-16 winner.


Elton Joseph and under-10 top finishers Max White (1st place), U-10 (closest to Mr Joseph) and Sereno Ambrose, 2nd place.

THE 45th Annual Bahamas Junior Chess Championship took place at Centreville Medical Centre earlier this month.

Over the course of two days, children as young as six years old paired up at boards, fists on cheeks, contemplating next moves and vying to become the top chess champion in The Bahamas.

The event was a great success, as more than 27 children participated.

Top seed WCM Polina Karelina emerged as the overall winner of the 2019 Bahamas Junior Chess Championship.

The Bahamas Junior Chess Championship was organised by the Bahamas Chess Federation (BCF).

Participants played five rounds of two-hour games over a period of two days.

Winners were declared in seven prize categories, 3 main categories (Under 12, Under 16 and Under 20) and four sub-categories.

Active chess followers are well aware of the benefits of chess in education.

“These benefits include patience, critical thinking, good sportsmanship and a myriad of educational advantages”, said Elton Joseph, president of the Bahamas Chess Federation.

“Chess has the ability to reach many people and communities at a minimal cost. While chess cannot fix all societal problems, it provides educational benefits and helps young people to develop diligent mindsets that they can apply to all facets of their lives.”

The 2019 Bahamas Junior Chess Championship was made possible due in part to The Mednet Group of Companies, which has been involved in the tournament and the sponsorship of other BCF activities for several years.

A number of volunteers also offered their time and efforts to make the event possible.

Mr Joseph expressed his sincere gratitude to The Mednet Group of Companies, BCF volunteers, parents and participants. “I was happy with the turnout, the conduct and the games of the participants. It was a long tournament for the children and the parents, but it was a valuable experience for them. The more these children compete, win, lose and even cry, they will gain important knowledge and experience and improve in strength.”

The next tournament on the Bahamas Chess Federation’s calendar is scheduled for April 13-14.


2019 Bahamas Junior Chess Championship

Overall Winner

WCM Polina Karelina

Under 8

1st Cameron Martin

Tied for Second

Kaedan Hackett

Jason Taylor

Chase Martin

Under 10

1st Max White

2nd Sereno Ambrose

3rd Allanjohn Benavides

U-12 Main Category

1st Avian Pride – U-12

Male Champion 2019

2nd - Tadan Ferguson

3rd - Deon Pinder

U-14 Main Category

1st - CM Nathan Smith

2nd - Noah Albury

3rd - Davonaye Edmond

Under 16 Main Category

1st - CM Nathan Smith –

U-16 Male Champion

2nd - Trinity Pinder -

U-16 Female Champion

3rd - Noah Albury

Under 18 Main Category

1st - Polina Karelina

2nd Malik Sands

3rd Aaron Ramtulla

U-20 Main Category

1st - Polina Karelina

– Under 20 Female

Champion 2019

2nd - Joseph Marfeeyou – U-20 Male Champion 2019

3rd - Malik Sands


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