Does The Bcc Speak For You?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

When the Bahamas Christian Council speaks on an issue who exactly do they talk for?

The BBC has been dominated forever by Baptist Revs I don’t think ever has there been an Anglican or Catholic or Methodist leader of the BBC - let’s call it spades - when they talk do they talk for the traditional denominations and if not, why doesn’t the leadership of those traditional well established churches issue a statement?

For years now the Catholic leadership has been quiet on every issue as if they have no concern - rarely do you hear from the Methodists and Anglicans, but the Baptists - Evangelistics and Pentecostals they make controversial statements on everything – do the Catholics-Anglicans agree?.

Politics and Church? I find it totally unacceptable that politicians feel they have a right to go into the temple-church of God and presume they can make a “political” statement as if because the statement is ushered from there it is god-like? In church the Prime Minister and his merry men and lady of Cabinet are as equal as the pauper and the sinner - the Church leaders should insist the politicians stay in the pews - that’s their place they go to church I presume for more than political reasons, or is that why? Listen and gain and be educated. 50% of any church congregation are not your supporters that’s a given. In the pews, sir, the Most Honourable Prime Minister be humble. Curious, as a Catholic, Mr Minnis you seem to stay away from your churches wonder – why?



May 6, 2019.


Sickened 1 year ago

Can we please just get rid of religion all together? It is such a divisive creation of man.


joeblow 1 year ago

... maybe we should bet rid of philosophy and reason as well, as they are also major "creations" that cause division!


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