Nearly There – Carnival Just Needs Some Polishing

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Carnival the presence of visitors participating - before we hear all kinds of crazy statistics let MOT give us their basic evaluation as I have not seen any photograph-video in the media or on social media that indicates that there was as the groups are now promoting ’000’s of visitors.

There could have been but you would have so easily identified them unless the majority were Afro-American!

2020 Carnival with the licence there should be a clean-up fee - $10,000.00 would suffice, but the mess I a saw someone caused it and someone should have cleaned it up - why are we so disgusting – bring your tings take them back don’t leave them underfoot.

Licensing laws - I suspect a total 100% breakdown - why? Health, Food Handlers - Liquor and vendor licensing this weekend of frolic was not Tax Free weekend!

Carnival just needs some polishing and a good dose of obeying the law – it could be big, but let’s be careful not to over claim things like Junkanoo does about visitors…Proof is in the seeing - I ain’t see them.



May 7, 2019.


Sickened 1 year, 8 months ago

I haven't seen one video or picture with more than 5 people in it, dancing on the streets in a costume. How big were these groups - 10 to 20 people? Were they spread out or on different trucks or something?


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