Not The Comfort We Need

EDITOR, The Tribune

Whereas I am sure the president of the Senate, Mrs Forbes Smith, is legally allowed to practice her old profession in PR and communications strategy and I am equally sure the comments made by Mr Carl Bethell AG technically are correct, her defence that her position is rather mundane is not correct, Mrs Forbes Smith is a very important person and people listen to her in part because she is President of the Senate and her sphere of influence I would imagine is vast.

With this said it is my opinion that just because one can do something does not mean one should do it. I believe we are in the midst of what could be a very unpleasant situation with Carnival Cruise Lines.

Unfortunately the reasons given by Mrs Forbes Smith as to why there is no possibility of a conflict of interest may not give all of us the comfort we expect.

Mrs Forbes Smith, things not only have to be right but it is most important they look right.



May , 2019


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