Foremost, Sir Cecil's Parents Were Bahamians By Birth And At Heart

EDITOR, The Tribune

Included with your newspaper on May 10, 2019 was a supplement written and produced by Rights Bahamas. At page 31 of the publication, the authors state that “Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield must be turning in his grave at what his FNM party has become”. My answer to that would be that he is more likely to be turning in his grave over the highly inaccurate column about him in the said publication, occurring as it did one day after the 29th anniversary of his death.

It incorrectly states: Sir Cecil Vincent Wallace Whitfield - Born to a Bahamian mother and an American father, the former leader of the Official Opposition and founding leader of the Free National Movement, Sir Cecil died in 1990”. While I appreciate that the supplement is not The Tribune’s publication, no contact information is provided in the supplement for me to direct this missive to Rights Bahamas. For their benefit, they should be advised that both Sir Cecil’s mother AND father were Bahamians.

Kenneth Oswell Whitfield grew up in The Pond area near where Butler’s Funeral Home is today and also had roots in Kemp’s Bay, Andros. Because of economic conditions at that time, each of Sir Cecil’s parents chose to emigrate to the USA and later became citizens of that country. But first and foremost, they were Bahamians, by birth and at heart.



May 11, 2019


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