D+ Max For Fnm

EDITOR, The Tribune

Pre-May, 2017 we heard such pious words and promises - every second allegation against the then government so now two years in I wish to sum up my report so far for the FNM. A max grade of “D plus”.

1) Integrity? Lacking…the Oban Energy fiasco will never be lived down totally, incredibly all those officials thought that what they tried to pull they could get away with it.

2) Appointment of top officials? Again, in my opinion, serious lack of appropriate measurement…for a Government that promised so much to employ at least two top officials with considerable responsibilities who were found lacking at a major Government Institution and the other by a Regulatory Commission one has to ask the obvious…did the PM take into consideration these two gentlemen’s past?

3) FNM appointees taking lobbying positions…were we not told not under the FNM. PM that appointee has to resign.

4) Ministers interfering in the judicial process? - okay we will wait to the Appeals Court hearing and their judgment - nothing changes we expect effective and immediate resignations of two Ministers.

5) BP&L - most of what has happened there since September, 2017 has not, in my opinion, been compliant with the Law and URCA…silence is golden PM, but we are watching how far you will let BP&L go?



May 15, 2019


birdiestrachan 10 months, 1 week ago

You are very generous giving him a "D" his own personal news paper gave him a "C" that must have hurt them deeply. he really deserves a "F"

Soon he will have to announce how he will make the University of the Bahamas FREE.


Well_mudda_take_sic 10 months ago

Sorry, but "D plus" is much too generous of an undeserved grade. The main problem for all of us is that Minnis is no leader. He sorely lacks even the most basic leadership skills.


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