Ladies, Do Not Settle For Life's 'Junk'

By Jeffarah Gibson

Tribune Features Writer


Having worked with young women from all walks of life, Samita Ferguson believes there is a vital need to continuously remind them of their worth and the power they possess. 

Mrs Ferguson has done this time and again over the past nine years through the CHAMPS organisation, which stands for “Chosen, Honoured, Appointed, Motivated, Positive Sisters”.

She said it is important for Bahamian women to realise that they don’t have to settle for “junk” in life; that they should aim only for the best. It is also of utmost importance, she added, that women stop tearing each other down and instead support one another.

Under the umbrella of her organisation, a special “Young Women Conference” will be held on May 24 and 25 at the Church of God of Prophecy Love Centre located on Ernest & York Streets. The conference will seek to reinforce the message of a woman’s power with several curated sessions.

“We have some powerful, focused women in this world, who know who they are and where they are going, but if you were to ask them that question it may not have always been like that. There is a vital need to remind women of their self-worth and help them know their power to speak, declare and decree that whatever they ask the Father in His name it shall be established,” said Mrs Ferguson.

“It is also my passion to encourage young and older women of the importance making a difference in the world around them. So many times women compare themselves to one another and do not feel that they are worthy of blessings. When they can create a paradigm shift, they will know that they can walk in power, in authority, and have a positive outlook in life.”

The conference’s theme is “Designed in His Image”.

Friday’s event is planned as a night of upliftment featuring music, dance and a word from Minister Katherine Hamilton. Mrs Ferguson said the speech will be tailor-made to impact and remind women that they have been created to be unique.

“Those in attendance will be reminded that no matter what ‘flaws’ or imperfections one has, the Master can reform and remake, and the outcomes will be so beautiful and the impact will be great. My dream is to see young women realise their potential in this world. To prohibit the act of remaking themselves in the image they are not suppose to be, to appreciate the way the Master has designed them, and to know their place, which is to help another sister who may be struggling; to use their voice to build up and not tear down,” she said.

Then on Saturday, May 25, from 9.30am to 1.30pm, a workshop will be hosted with topics ranging from “Designed to impress with my dress’, to ‘Etiquette 101’, and ‘Overcoming the fear factor’.

The session will culminate in an art session.

Speakers will include Dr Melisa Hall, who is trained in leadership development; Davrielle Burrows, a communication specialist and author; Minister Juliette Seymour, a certified etiquette coach; Minister Latoya Culmer, psalmist and gospel recording artist; Anastacia Forbes, a counsellor and artist, and writer Keisha Oliver. 

“CHAMPS is here to help, to create avenues and opportunities for growth by providing holistic programmes to develop a paradigm shift and build leaders one step at time. There are so many voices out there crying for help, desiring to be recognised, understanding their purpose, and learning that their gift can make room for them. We want to help with that; we do not just want to be another organisation, but an organisation that is authentic and that can make a difference,” said Mrs Ferguson.


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