A Sweet Tooth For Success

Charis Simmons-Carey

Charis Simmons-Carey

By Alesha Cadet

Tribune Features Reporter


Charis Simmons-Carey is one of many Bahamian women who in recent years has decided that sticking to their 9 to 5 job was not going to help them achieve their dreams. Armed with innovative ideas, determination, and large helping of faith, they set out to establish themselves as entrepreneurs.

In the case of Charis, she has successfully set herself up as the owner of a home-based pastry business called the Sugar Bliss Boutique, which now has thousands of followers on social media.

Through building her brand, one of the things the young woman learned was that it takes much more work to develop your own business than it does to sustain someone else’s.

“It has not been easy, as it took a lot of adjusting to work through servicing my customers and maintaining my (regular job). I found that customers felt that a home-based business should be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week...But over time it has become an easier process because I’ve always had a love for baking cakes and pastries,” said Charis.

After years of baking for family and friends, in September of 2015, she decided take a leap of faith and open a business.

Sugar Bliss Boutique offers all things sweet, ranging from custom buttercream cakes and cupcakes, to French macarons, gourmet dipped strawberries and cheesecakes.

“We try our best to add customised products we feel our customers would love,” said Charis. “I remember my most memorable client experience was a year ago when I took a contract to produce weekly orders for an establishment, but the agreed terms were not being honoured by the other party. It was memorable because it taught me how to manage my business transactions regardless of personal relations and to also stand firm on my pricing and the terms of agreement when entering a contract.”

Beyond the financial aspect of things, Charis said what she enjoys most about being the proprietor of the Sugar Bliss Boutique is the smile she can put on people’s faces with her wares.

As the summer approaches, Charis seeks to delight her clientele with her famous ice cream macarons for all the macaron lovers out there. 


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