Pathologist Confirms Man Died From Single Gunshot

By Ricardo Wells

Tribune Staff Reporter


A HOSPITAL pathologist confirmed yesterday that a 40-year-old man shot and killed by police near Sisal Street west five years ago died from a gunshot to the head.

Dr Caryn Sands, taking the witness stand before Coroner Jeanine Weech Gomez, said Andrew Stubbs died as the result of injuries associated with a single gunshot wound to the front, left side of his head sustained during his encounter with officers in 2014.

According to the evidence led during the inquest, the bullet travelled from the left side of Stubbs’ scalp, across his frontal temporal lobe to the right side of his head where it exited the man’s body.

She said the trajectory of the bullet resulted in a fractured skull, fractures along the base of the skull and bleeding along that path.

Dr Sands further noted, based on the evidence gathered from her examinations of the deceased and his clothing, there was no evidence of gunpowder residue near the entrance wound or the grey hooded sweatshirt Stubbs was wearing when he was shot - suggesting he was not shot at close range.

However, she said the finding doesn’t completely rule out the presence of residue on the sweatshirt, but rather that if it was present, it was too small to be picked up by her review.

Further to this, she maintained that the wound showed no source of gunshot residue.

Dr Sands said gunshots fired within three feet of its target normally leaves behind residue, while wounds inflicted by gunshots fired beyond three feet are, often, residue free.

Stubbs was fatally shot by Officer Kevin Deveaux after he reportedly was led out of the Backyard Restaurant by police for smoking a joint inside the establishment.

Rovan Damian Carey, a police officer who testified in the case last week, said he escorted the deceased from the bar when he became disorderly.

He said once on the outside, Stubbs became even more unruly, ultimately leaving the properly altogether and returning roughly 20 minutes later with a firearm.

Further testimony by Officer Carey suggested that after Stubbs left, he and several other officers stood around outside talking for about 20 minutes when someone in the group shouted “watch out”.

Officer Carey said he then saw a man with an object that appeared to be a gun.

He said Officer Deveaux then shouted “police” and demanded the suspect drop the object.

He testified he heard about five or six gunshots. Stubbs died a short distance away from the establishment, eventually collapsing on the driveway of a home a few properties away.

First response officers yesterday testified that they met Officer Deveaux standing over the deceased once they arrived at the scene.

Assistant Superintendent Alexander Pierre and Police Corporal Dion McPhee said shortly after arriving at the scene, they met with Officer Deveaux who had briefed them on the incident.

Specifically, ASP Pierre said he radioed in emergency medical services to render assistance to the deceased and additional officers to help secure the scene.

He said after it was determined that Stubbs was dead, he, along with other officers, led the transport of Stubbs’ remains to the morgue for further identification.

ASP Pierre said it was at the location that he identified a gunshot wound to the left side of the victim’s head.

Officer Deveaux is represented by K Melvin Munroe, while no lawyer represents the deceased or his family.

Anishka Missick is marshalling the case.

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