Williams prevails by unanimous decision

After losing his last fight by a split decision in the United States, Rashield Williams went to the Dominican Republic where he took his frustration out on his opponent in the third fight of his professional career with a four-round unanimous decision on Saturday night.

“He was really tough,” Williams told The Tribune of his opponent from the Dominican Republic. “He was a really, really tough guy. I just had to pace myself and don’t look for the knockout.

“I had to take him to school. So I hit him, moved, hit him, move. He was really strong and really big. I just used my boxing technique. I had him dizzy a few times off his feet, but he wouldn’t drop. He was actually off his feet, but he wouldn’t drop.”

The win came after Williams got stopped by Javaune James in his last fight at the Miccosukee Indian Gaming Resort in Miami, Florida, on March 23.

Williams, 29, made a successful pro debut on February 9 at the Restaurant Los Olividados in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, when he knocked out Carlos Monroy in the first round.

Based on the outcome over the weekend, Williams felt it was a real fist fight.

“All I used on him was my skills. I couldn’t depend on my power and strength because he was a really tough guy,” Williams reflected. “He was also very experienced, so I just depended on my skills and what my coach (Normal Wilson) taught me to do in those types of situations.”

For Williams, there was no greater feeling than to be able to get back into the ring and redeem himself after his last showing.

“I just finished this one, but I’m getting prepared to get back into the ring for another fight next month,” he said. “I don’t know who it is and where it will be, but I will be ready.

“I didn’t like how I lost my last fight. That bothered me. I don’t like stuff like that. I had to get back in the ring and prove that I am much better than that fight.”

Fighting again in the 148-pound division, Williams said he felt he was right in his element for the fight.

“After my last fight was called off, I started eating and eating and so when they told me that I had to go to the Dominican Republic for this fight, I was at the right weight,” he said.

With a little break from competition, Williams will be home for a week’s rest before he heads to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in his training site at the Contenders Boxing Gym, to resume his training for his next fight.


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