Lanisha Told - Pick Up The Bill

The Lanisha Rolle pin.

The Lanisha Rolle pin.


Tribune Staff Reporter


MINISTER Lanisha Rolle must pay back the government for commemorative pins bearing her image handed out at a Youth Parliament event. 

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis admitted yesterday that the controversial medals featuring the picture of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture should not have been paid for by the government. Dr Minnis said in the House of Assembly yesterday that the minister will reimburse the government $582.40.

Dr Minnis said: “In view of what has been personalised, because it was a personal picture on the medal, the government shouldn’t have paid for anything that was personalised, therefore the minister will reimburse the government.”

Social media erupted this week when the Lanisha Rolle pin surfaced online – the medals were given to young people who participated in Youth Parliament last month. The pin was supposed to be a commemorative coin during a courtesy call of the youth parliamentarians.

Dr Minnis also addressed another controversy involving Mrs Rolle in the House. This week, the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence expressed its frustration that Mrs Rolle was overstepping her authority and showed them disrespect by announcing a new Category B group that was denied membership due to their late application.

In the JCNP press release, they pleaded with PM Minnis, a Junkanooer with the Saxons himself, to intervene in the management of the Junkanoo parades, especially with the season quickly approaching. Yesterday in Parliament, he said that all parties must come together next year to discuss pressing issues.

Dr Minnis said: “Both the minister and I would have had ongoing discussions about Junkanoo leaders and the decision is Junkanoo will not change at this particular time as we are moving into the Junkanoo season. However, in February, the minister and the JCNP and all the relevant agencies will have a discussion as to the way forward so that by the end of March we would know the way forward with respect to Junkanoo, because changes must occur, and this must be discussed and agreed upon by all the relevant parties.”


tell_it_like_it_is 8 months ago

Yeah, you have to be pretty vain to want your face on a government medal.This speaks volumes of this lady's character. Plus, it doesn't seem to matter where they place her, there's always a problem.
She really needs to take a good look in the mirror. Plus the government needs to remove her from these positions. Enough is enough.


joeblow 8 months ago

A psychiatric evaluation should be mandatory for those seeking higher office!


bahamianson 8 months ago

" Would have had", so, you didn't have ? Or, we had discussions. We are just full of ourselves . We are just too important.


Dawes 8 months ago

And this shows how jokey we are. Yes its only $582.40 but if it shouldn't have been charged then why is the only penalty only that she has to pay it (and not sure if i believe that). If it is against the rules then the appropriate punishment should apply. If its not against the rules then nothing should happen.


Sickened 8 months ago

It is now impossible to take Ms. Rolle seriously going forward. She really needs to be on some sort of watch list as she does not think like a normal person.


proudloudandfnm 8 months ago

I would have given that medal right back...

This is one dumb woman. The drama never stops with her....


hogfish 8 months ago

And she sits in Cabinet? She needs to go home!


birdiestrachan 8 months ago

She is the favored one. roc wit doc should pay the money for her.


mandela 8 months ago

and the receipt of payment should be published.


hrysippus 8 months ago

what is the cost of the labour of all the civil servants who spent time creating these farcical medals? Should not this person also pay back this incurred expense?


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