Five Held After Drugs Found

FIVE men were taken into police custody in two separate incidents in connection with drug discoveries Thursday, the largest of these a more than $70,000 drug find.

According to police, a 41-year-old man was arrested after officers discovered a large quantity of suspected marijuana worth $70,500 and illegal ammunition.

Shortly after 3pm, police said an operation team acting on intelligence, went to Mandingo Alley, Fox Hill where they observed a man standing on the side of the street.

The man, according to police, upon seeing the officers started acting in a suspicious manner leading them to search him and the immediate bushy area where he stood.

As a result, police recovered from the bushes a crocus sack with a large quantity of suspected marijuana, a firearm magazine and 11 rounds of ammunition.

Police also recovered eight pounds of suspected marijuana worth $8,000 shortly before 6pm.

An operation team acting on intelligence searched a bushy area on John Road off Market Street where a black garbage bag containing eight packages of marijuana was found.

No arrests were made, police reported.

Four men were also arrested over the discovery of more than 100 packets of suspected marijuana, police have said.

Shortly before 10pm, officers acting on intelligence, went to Third Street off Robinson Road where they saw four men standing in a yard.

The officers conducted a search of the men and the area where they were gathered and recovered 156 foil wrappers and plastic bags with suspected marijuana.

The men were taken into custody and are expected to be formally charged in a magistrate’s court, police said.


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