Bad Sign Of The Times

EDITOR, The Tribune

I am appalled by the proliferation of large signs on the sides of most of the major streets in New Providence. These signs, which are mostly on Government property, advertise everything from beverage to Games of Chance.

There are several large signs on the southwest segment of the intersection of Marathon Road and Prince Charles Drive. Contrast this with a beautiful Yellow Elder tree opposite on the north east segment which is presently in full bloom. There is a huge sign on the north side of Tonique Darling Williams Highway near the entrance for the dump. In my opinion this sign belongs In The Dump.

I’m surprised that the government allows this to happen. At the latest count we have 17 Ministers, two Ministers of State, and thousands of civil servants. Apparently, none of these elected or appointed representatives or senior civil servants have noticed that our once-beautiful island is being ruined by these signs.

If there is someone in Government responsible for approving signage, they are either asleep, incompetent or acting in accordance with their bosses wishes.

I’m not against small signs, say less than four square feet, of people looking for work. I’m also not against large signs on property owned by the advertiser. I am completely against huge signs painted on the sides of buildings like Cable Bahamas on Princes Charles Highway and BTC on JFK East.

If you want to see that sort of thing Go To Orlando. If you want to keep our islands beautiful, stop allowing huge signs located on property not owned by the advertiser.



November 4, 2019


Sickened 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Nigga please! This a anything goes country. Hell someone could illegally put up a sign on my property and police will probably arrest me for taking it down without government permission. This place gone to the dogs. We mussy like the look and smell of garbage.


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