Brathwaite And Hoyte Are City Bowling Mvps

THE most valuable player in the City Bowling League competition on Monday night was Ken Brathwaite of the Telco Enterprises with a 623 high three-game series.

The runner-up was Lee Davis of the Tenback Strikers-Lee’s Motor Works with a 243 high game and a 604 second high set. Stan Bethell of the Avengers and Lyrone Burrows of the Checkers Café tied the second high game with 238.

The leader in the ladies’ category was Janice Hoyte of the Tenback Strikers-Lee’s Motor Works with a 543 high three game series. She was followed by Tara Johnson of the E & U Watercoolers with a 192 second high game and a 539 second high set. Veronica Moore of the Checkers Cafe struck for the second high game of 209.

The team scores for the evening were as follows:

Brooklyn Strikers 3,

Carib Construction 0

BPL Shockers 3,

Bahamasair Flyers 0

Avengers 2,

Checkers Café 1

E & U Watercoolers 2,

Telco Enterprises 1

Clayton Gardiner &

Associates 2

NUA Crusaders 1

Tenback Strikers-Lees

Motor Works 2

Tenpin Warlords 1

  • The Asurewin vs Island Game matchup will be made up at a later date.

• Here’s a look at the top five teams after nine weeks of the first half of play:

Teams - W L

Avengers - 18 9

Asurewin Pocket

Pleasers - 17 7

Brooklyn Strikers - 17 10

Tenback Strikers-Lee’s

Motor Works - 16 11

Tenpin Warlords - 15 12


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