Bpl Against The People

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The statement from URCA changing their policy concerning parties generating 1mw of alternative No cost to the beast BP&L is incredibly anti-consumer – Anti we The People.

Such a change had to be agreed by Cabinet and the Minister responsible Bannister.

Oh, yes, it is fair and equitable to charge someone who has invested $’000’s to save money to now charge them the full BP&L Tariff rate and they have not used a drip of BP&L’s fuel or generators!

Is the Minnis Government even interested in Climate Change? Was his speech at the UN just words – a lot of hot air total bull?

Solar and reusables are the fundamental foundation of reducing the carbon footprint and reducing CO2 levels…no, Minnis and his boys at BP&L want the opposite and clearly screw we The People! Seems gone are the days of The People’s party!

We know BPL - it has been sold out to Shell America for 20 plus years.



October 2, 2019.


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