Our Bank Is Still Manual

EDITOR, The Tribune.

When RBC Royal Bank was going through its mega downsizing in the Bahamas, a friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of an empty Main Branch at 2:30pm, with a caption: Mission Accomplished! No more customers!

Well that was some while ago, but it really hasn’t gotten much better. With debit & credit cards expiring in September, my son went along to the designated branch to collect his cash account debit card for his joint account with his wife. The bank had two cards for his wife but no card for him. So they told him to come back Next Week and they would have him sorted. Somehow my own debit card was also expiring in September, so I went along soon after my son, only to be told, after standing in line for forty-five minutes, that they did not have a card for me at all. But they promised to have one next week. The reason for next week, it seems, is that the entire RBC back office is now in Trinidad and I guess they have the only card printing machine in the Caribbean. Now Trinidad is 2,885 miles from Nassau but Toronto is only 1,290 so one has to wonder, who decided that Trinidad was a better place to sub out the Bahamas back office. More than twice as far away?

O.K. so I also have a Business Credit Card at the Main Branch, also expiring in September, so I ask if I might get the new card while I am there. Sorry, sir, you have to go to the Business Office on Thompson Boulevard to get that one. Hello, you think I got all day to ride around the island, eh? No, I didn’t say that but I certainly thought it. Of course, if I want to use this Card to get cash from an ATM, the Business Office is not able to “PIN” the card, so I will just have to come back to the same branch that I am at. So who in the bank decided that this would be a good idea? This is the bank that bludgeoned us all into going DIGITAL, at break neck speed, but can’t figure out an efficient way to distribute its own digital tools.

It seems passing strange that now that we are all DIGITAL our bank is still Manual.



October 3, 2019.


Well_mudda_take_sic 11 months, 3 weeks ago

CIBC First Caribbean is now rapidly taking market share from both RBC and BNS. I switched to CIBC nearly three decades ago and have never been happier with my bankers.


Sickened 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I've CIBC corporate banking to be an absolute disaster! The local office has no decision making power whatsoever. I'm truly confused as to why they even have an office here - waste of time!


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