The New $318m Us Embassy

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE US new Embassy all $318 million zero impact to Treasury as all materials - furnishing are Duty Free and Vat Free!

Locating from Queen’s Street to Shirley certainly better for the primary applicants of US Visa’s the cruise ship crews.

The retail outlets on Parliament Street might get some business, but little retail impact.


Well for years an empty site will finally have a building on it…design unknown and it certainly would be interesting if under the Town Planning Act as this site is within the Olde Nassau City zone that Planning will make it available and subject public input…hope coming soon?

Traffic…locating here will reduce the Queen’s Street - One Bay Street issues going west easier - a plus! In out of site Shirley Street will be a traffic snarl right close to East Street.

Victoria Gardens…Central Bank should never have been given this site this should have been the new Parliament complex.

Averaging a five plus out of 10 on merit the Embassy will have any or zero economic impact except for the few constructions workers.



October 8, 2019.


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