Dorian, I Hate You

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Dorian I gon smack you.

Dorian behave yourself, you is one big naughty girl. I gon smack you.

Dorian you realise you took my friends and neighbours, love ones, dogs and cats and things I had as memories.

Dorian behave yourself; I gon smack you.

You did that, you blew the 185-200 mph winds as a hurricane category 5 Storm.

You were told by God not too.

But you still went ahead of yourself and did so.

God will take out his wrath on you.

Dorian you realise that. Listen you hear me Dorian!

You went out your way and demolished Abaco then you did the same to Grand Bahama.

You destroyed buildings, the electrical wires, boats, lives, and even God’s creation islandwide.

Dorian I Gon Take A Strapping To You!

It was you; quit lying to me.

I don’t appreciate it. You told me “You were not going to do it”

You told me you were not going to break the record, but I did not realise what you meant. You made a fool out of me. Oh! Dorian look at the bodies; quit that simper before I really take a strapping to you.

I am tired and fed up of talking to you Dorian you think you and me is company eh! I am going to ask Jah to chase you away; get out of my face Dorian and I mean it Now!

Get Lost Dorian!

Stay Away Now!



October 9, 2019.


Sickened 7 months, 3 weeks ago

'You were told by God not too.' What? How?

I'm sure a young person wrote this and I appreciate the anger and despair in the writing. I'm sure he/she went through a lot and expressing it will help. However... sadly it appears that this person has witnessed (or even been a victim of) some serious physical abuse which is not good and should be addressed by a parent or guardian.

Thank you for sharing Loxsley. I hope you come to terms with the helplessness that we all feel from this disaster and that the anger turns into something positive. The islands will heal and so will we.


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