Students Learn About Trafficking

AS part of the entity’s ongoing community outreach programmes, secretary of the Trafficking In Persons Secretariat, Corrections Corporal Keva Sherman (pictured) spoke to T G Glover Primary School sixth grade students on the topic of trafficking in children on Tuesday.

She was joined by training welfare officer at the Department of Social Services, attached to the Ministry of National Security, Leslie Taylor (pictured at whiteboard) and First Assistant Secretary of Ministry of National Security and Co-Chair of the Ministry of National Security’s Trafficking in Persons Inter-Ministry Committee Susanne Knowles. School Principal Sheniqua Curry (pictured in printed skirt) also introduced the speakers.

The age-appropriate presentation dealt with topics such as being aware of their surroundings, signs that other children could be in danger, being wary of strangers pretending to know their parents, and the importance of having trustworthy adults that they could talk to about various situations.

Photos: Eric Rose/BIS


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