Businesses Urged Not To Miss Out On Canton Fair


Jeffrey Beckles

By Youri Kemp

Subscriptions to the Canton Fair-China Export and Import Fair 2020 being organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation is low, says chief executive Jeffrey Beckles.

Mr Beckles said that he feels that everyone is currently pre-occupied with Dorian matters and have not had the time or money available to make concerted preparations to attend next year. He further added that this was part of the reason why the fair was put off for this year in October as well as "too many people had to take on Dorian burdens and that people are now watching their spending in these upcoming months".

Mr Beckles went on to say however that the Canton Fair 2020 will offer a tremendous opportunity for those that want to attend as there is a multiplicity of opportunities that Bahamian businesses can take advantage of if they network with businesses in China.

Pointing to what was on the Canton Fair's website, Mr Beckles made Tribune Business aware that there are three phases at each of the sessions that will show different products. Phase 1 will show electrical and electronic products, building materials and industrial products. Phase 2 will show such labour-intensive products as groceries, ornaments, gifts, toys and furniture, and Phase 3 will show clothing, footwear, bags, food and medicine.

Mr Beckles says he hopes that we can get over this Dorian hump and get businesses back to normal so we can take advantage of what the world has to offer. He further added that China is increasingly becoming a very important trading partner for The Bahamas and we should not miss out on opportunities even in trying times.


The_Oracle 12 months ago

Me thinks China is no longer a palatable partner in business given the Speakers blunder and China's record and strategy in the rest of the 3rd world. Or was he testing the waters? Trade southern islands for fake Ramen noodles?


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