Potter's Cay Has Much To Offer

EDITOR, The Tribune

I was privileged to host my radio talk show Express Yourself (Global Radio 99.5 FM) at Potter’s Cay Dock a few days ago. During the show the vendors; customers and I discussed many of the issues of concern to themselves and the surrounding areas at that location. I must confess that I was also very surprised by the cleanliness of the environment where the stalls are located, when one considers all of the horror stories which we continuously hear about in media and social platforms.

I met and talked with various executives of The Potter’s Cay Vendors Association and its President, Mr. Bastian. The main concerns were: the lack of proper parking and designated spaces; alleged harassment by police officers from the Paradise Island Police Division; adequate toilet facilities and ‘bad’ media, especially when there is alleged serious criminal behaviour. It would also seem that another issue of concern is the ‘hard line’ attitude being displayed by governmental management at Potter’s Cay.

During the show I was also able to have a discussion with the Officer-in-Charge of the Paradise Island Police Division, a Supt. Rolle, a very well spoken; professional and informed officer. He is definitely a credit to The Royal Bahamas Police Force and should be promoted during the next exercises. He explained that any number of patrons do not observe the traffic laws and the necessity to keep the roadways at Potter’s Cay, clear and passable, without undue obstructions.

The vendors alleged that the drop off and delivery time was too short. All in all, there is no reason why the police; the vendors; the Ministry of Transport and the Reverend Gregory Minnis, the Manager at Potter’s Cay should not be able to resolve all of the issues outstanding.

Potter’s Cay is a potential economic engine which will enable vendors to earn good money, would also provide a more enhanced and enjoyable cultural and recreational venue for locals and our valued tourists. The stalls were impressive and the customer service attitudes of staff members were off the chart. I would wish to congratulate successive administration for having the ‘wisdom’ to continuously clean and upgrade both Potter’s Cay and Arawak Cay. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



October 27, 2019


proudloudandfnm 8 months, 1 week ago

A reverend manages Potters Cay?????

There is absolutely no sign of his work, Potter's Cay is a lot of things, managed aint one of them. Hope he's a better preacher than he is a manager cause damn....


Sickened 8 months, 1 week ago

Reverend!! I immediately think of fornication.


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